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2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress. 2012
12-14 OCTOBER 2012 • ERBIL, KURDISTAN -24.04.2012

2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012) 2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012) SCIENCE AND CULTURE FOR PROGRESS IN KURDISTAN

First announcement and Call For papers for the:


2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012)

to Kurdistan as a nation keen on progressing through science and culture to become an active part of modern society. Our mission is to provide creative and scientific solutions to address many possibilities so Kurdish society and culture can join the modern world as a contributing member and to strengthen the relationships with Kurdish and non-Kurdish organizations for international recognition. With the WKC and utilization of our capacity, we wish to build a bridge between the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and those abroad through an independent source and channel for offering the Kurdish leadership a scientific-based guidelines and long-term strategy for dealing with vital issues for all Kurds and Kurdistan as a whole (a “Think Tank” type organization).

As Middle East undergoes a significant political shift, Kurdistan will be increasingly at the centre of affairs – socially, economically and politically. There are several millions Kurds living abroad, mainly in Europe and North America, as well as in other parts of the world. Since World War I, the Kurdish people have been forced to migrate due to the lack of freedom and discrimination. For decades the Kurdish people have struggled for recognition of their basic human rights, and now for the first time the international community is paying attention to the Kurdish case following the establishment of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the continuous tension in northern Kurdistan. These factors and the recent changes in the Middle East and North Africa have created a source of inspiration that strengthens and harmonize Kurdish efforts for the future of Kurdistan. In focusing on the international and regional politics, economy and social relations, there are a number of factors vital for development of our society. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

Dear Friends & Colleagues

WKC2012 invites all Kurdish scholars with a minimum degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Ph.D. from various disciplines that are working outside of Kurdistan to submit abstract. After your abstract has been accepted, you will be invited to participate in the congress. The WKC2012 will cover the expense of your flight and accommodations during your visit to Kurdistan.

The success of the 1st World Kurdish Scientific Congress in Rotterdam- Netherland, provided a unique opportunity, for the first time in our history, for Kurdish and non-Kurdish scientists, businessmen, academicians and members of the cultural community from twenty countries to discuss the future of a Kurdish nation through science and culture. The goal of the Congress was to share the research and discuss the potential reshaping of Kurdistan to transform the ideas and knowledge generated from research and practice of many Kurdish and non-Kurdish scientists worldwide. The outcomes of the 1st World Kurdish Scientific Congress will be published by NOVA Science Publishers in the USA in order to bring global recognition

We have renewed our commitment to our people and are delighted to invite your contributions for the 2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012) that will be held in

Erbil (October 12-14, 2012) as a gathering of Kurdish academic and professionals who will be participating actively in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and development process of Kurdistan.

Many Kurdish people would have been proud to have witnessed the events of the 1st World Kurdish Congress. The aspirations of Kurdish people from all parts of Kurdistan were further realized as Kurds and non-Kurds brought their talents, knowledge and experience to bear upon the issues that face Kurdistan. It was fascinating to hear from a range of perspectives, from the creative arts, psychology, historical review, political science, health and education; all considering the question of how Kurdistan can become a united, stable and progressive society. It was very apparent that the road towards realizing this vision is long and fraught with difficulties, but the Congress has proved to be another important step on that journey. Without ‘hope’ it is hard to embark on any great endeavor, so it was deeply satisfying to see how the Congress played its part in fanning the flames of hope once again.

A British delegate from the 1st congress
The Scientific Committee of WKC with His Excellency President of Kurdistan

Massoud Barzani
2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012)

You are cordially invited to submit extended abstracts of 250-300

words in English or full paper for presentation at the 2nd World Kurdish Congress to be held on October 12-14 in Erbil. The abstract should clearly state the objectives, problem and goals, methods and data used, expected results and conclusions. Papers will be presented to a broad audience with diverse background, interests and disciplines. We are looking for presentations that focus on the practical importance of issues and problems discussed in such way that are relevant for application in Kurdistan.

Submission as attachment may be made to info@kurdishcongress. org and before 1st of July 2012. Each submission should include a separate title page. The title page should include:

Correspondence regarding the receipt of submission will be made by email unless otherwise requested. Submissions will only be published in the conference proceedings after it is accepted by the scientific committee and the author has received invitation, whether it will be for oral presentation or for a poster display.

A number of papers will be selected for oral presentation. Each will have 20 minutes to be presented with a 10 minute discussion with the audience. A chairperson will monitor the discussion. The rest of submitted abstracts, if suitable, will be accepted as poster. A selection of the presented papers will be published in the conference volume by NOVA Science Publishers in 2013.

The preliminary program will be distributed at the end of July 2012 and will provide complete information concerning the Conference venue, complimentary hotel accommodation forms and social program and flight information.

April 2012 First announcement and call for papers
1 July 2012 Deadline for abstracts or full papers
30 July 2012 Authors notified of decision for paper acceptance
30 July 2012 Preliminary program and registration
August 2012 Book of abstract and conference program
September 2012 Completed manuscript to the conference secretariat
12-14 October 2012 2nd World Kurdish Congress in Erbil- Kurdistan
February 2013 An edited volume will be published by NOVA Science, USA

Prof. Serwan Baban, Minister of Agriculture, KRG and Prof. Almas Heshmati

political economy of a Kurdish state; the political strategy of the Kurds; the Kurd’s development plan and policy, management, skill and technology transfer; human resources and the capacity to build, establish and operate institutions like a National Research Institute, political organizational and technological capability, reconstruction and sustainable development, natural resources and their utilization for industrial development. In addition, we have the development of agriculture and health, education, law, equality and democracy issues, establishment of a legal team to deal with issues such as Anfal, Halabja, Landmines, self-determination and defense of political prisoners and activists, regardless of their location. In many of the abovementioned areas, there is a mismatch between our available resources and those required for a successful transformation, as well as several equally important factors such as good governance, transparency, accountability and security. A strong and competent Kurdish scientific network, supported by the business community, will enable the identification of weaknesses and strengths in each area. Based on this, we can propose measures and reforms to strengthen the region’s development and potential growth and the formation of an independent nation.

The 2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012) invites researchers and professionals abroad to submit abstracts and advanced projects in various disciplines aimed at the reconstruction and rebuilding of Kurdistan. These include evaluation and support of science and education, revitalization of agriculture, increasing public awareness of science policy and technology, leadership, management, and promoting health, human capacity, development of infrastructure, economic development, welfare and social policy in general.

WKC2012 requests to receive both extended abstracts and preferably full papers for the 2nd World Congress. Papers that address several interrelated topics of the Kurdish society will be given preferential attention. All proposals shall be peer reviewed and selected by the scientific committee. We are looking forward to your participation in the WKC2012, in the capital of Kurdistan, Erbil on October 12-14, 2012. For More detail information please see our website or contact the secretariat at: For more information please contact us as:
Call for Papers

• title of the submission
• two or three keywords that describe the areas of research submitted,
• name(s) of the author(s),
• department(s) and affiliation(s),
• mailing address(es),
• email address(es),
• phone number(s),
• corresponding author, if different than leading author

2nd World Kurdish Scientific Congress (WKC2012)

The aim of 2nd WKC congress is to provide a highly visible forum for researchers and decision-makers as well as businessmen playing a key role in different fields, to discuss and review different projects for the development and progress of Kurdistan. The conference will provide a forum for establishing new contacts among people working on research and development of industry, agriculture, healthcare, education, public institutions and other related fields. The Kurdistan Regional Government along with other Kurdish officials and business personalities will be attending the conference. Foreign businessmen and companies attending the conference will be provided a list of projects covering agriculture, oil and gas, power and electricity, water and waste, banking, communications, construction, education, and health care sectors.

Language: Language of presentation at the conference is English and Kurdish. Simultaneous translation to Kurdish and English will be provided.

Objectives of the
Conference Prof. Alan Dilani, Ph.D., Architect/ Public Health,

Prof. Almas Heshmati, Ph.D., Economics, Seoul-Korea
Prof. Serwan Baban, Ph.D., Minister of Agriculture,
KRG, Kurdistan
Prof. Ata Ghaderi, Ph.D, Clinical Psychology, Uppsala - Sweden
Dr. Carol Prunhuber, Ph.D., Journalist and Writer, - USA
Dr. Adiba Isa, Ph.D., Odense- Danmark
Dr. Khalid Khayati, Ph.D., Linköping- Sweden
Mrs Koestan Gadan, Ph.D., Candidate, Oslo- Norway
Minister Falah M. Bakir, M.Sc., Head of Department of
Foreign Relation, KRG
Prof. Alan Dilani, Ph.D., Architect/Public Health, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Carol Prunhuber, Ph.D., Journalist and Writer, USA
Dr. Adiba Isa, Ph.D., Medical University, Odense, Danmark
Dr. Khalid Khayati, Ph.D., Linköping University, Sweden
Mrs. Koestan Gadan, Ph.D., Candidate, Oslo- Norway
Mr. Chia Madani, M.Sc., Computer Science, Stockholm, Sweden

The Scientific Committee of World
Kurdish Congress 2012 (WKC2012)
The Organizing Committee of World
Kurdish Congress 2012 (WKC2012)

Fax: +46 8 745 00 02
Tel: +46 70 453 90 70
Mailing address:
World Kurdish Congress
Box 7196
SE-103 88 Stockholm - Sweden
Alex Atroushi /


Ek.Tarihi Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:00 am Gön: Oezer

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